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Month: January 2021

Top 13 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps

Having a world at the palm of your hand must feel good, yet we often forget how many people we can reach. The world was connected first through travel, then the internet, which helped bridge that continental gap, measured in distance, but also culture. Some things are the same across the world, like sports betting. Even bettors use Додатки для спортивних ставок because applications are helpful, easy to use and readily available.

People use apps all the time, some of the most frequent ones being social networking apps, as well as social networking sites. Here are the most popular ones you should know about.


Facebook is very popular and people have been using it since its inception, it only getting larger over time. It has many millions of people online, with Facebook claiming that it has over 2 billion users.


Everybody knows about it, most don’t consider it a social network, yet with how many discussions are had in the comments every single day, it might as well be a social network with a good video and audio playback service.


Instagram is very popular for a simple purpose, it is a great tool to advertise yourself or your products or services. It is simple and to the point. It also serves as a great place to get dopamine infusions, when the likes start kicking in.


The Chinese market is large and has its own social networks, Qzone being one of them. Started by Tencent in 2005, it is a large social network that allows users to write blogs, keep diaries and send photos, basically, what most social networks do.


Another Chinese network, actually called Sina Weibo, due to it being owned by Sina Corp. It is the most popular social network in China.


Twitter is a known quantity at this time, used to deliver quick messages or videos to people worldwide. It is mainly a part of the western world, China having its own alternative, as it often is.


Reddit is the go-to place if you want to get into discussions and find answers to just about any question. 


This is primarily a great way to find interesting ideas and concepts, often in the shape of a photo, and pin them for your own personal use. You can also interact with other people.


Tumblr is primarily used for microblogging, posting photos and posts, and interacting with others.


Flickr is mainly used for art and photography, with many people posting their photographs and art, while also interacting with one another.


Often called VK, while actually meaning Vkontakte, it is a Russian social network, the most popular one, in fact, as well as the largest.


Another Russian social network, often simply called OK. It is a popular site, but not as popular as VK.


This site is dedicated to people who want to find work and who want professional contact. It is a business-oriented social network.

These are the world’s most popular social networking sites, all of which also have apps.