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What’s the best day of the week to share on social media ?

To solve this conundrum, with all the research available, the trends show that in the four biggest social media platforms the best days for shares and clicks are:

FACEBOOK – Thursday

TWITTER – Friday

LINKEDIN – Tuesday

PINTEREST – Wednesday

All of these social networks peak on different days, so concentrate your marketing effort on that. But don’t just leave out Monday altogether. Experts say that you should post daily, so study the times of day that perform the best. Maybe tweet once in the morning, and again in the late afternoon, and track the progress. See what works best for you, but don’t post too frequently, your audience will soon show their disapproval by unliking or unfollowing you.

One survey shows that tweets posted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday had higher click-through rates than those posted during the work week. As a business tweeter looking for a higher engagement, then maybe bear this in mind. If you’re not keen on working on weekends, you can look for something like Buffer, which will help you with posting tweets at optimal times.

For business-to-business marketers, it is unsurprising that weekdays provide a 14 percent higher engagement than weekends do.

Naturally, some individuals may have differing opinions, so let’s explore that Stan James Promo Code.

Adobe tracked 300 brand posts, with more than 226 billion impressions on Facebook. They found that 15.7 percent of the week’s total active post impressions were on Fridays, closely followed by Thursday at 14.5 per cent. Friday is also the day that had the most audience engagements, at 3.3 per cent, with Thursday at 3.2 per cent. So Friday seems to be the best time to post and get engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares from its viewers.

However, while research showed that text posts have declined in effectiveness, with only 0.6 percent of users interacting, video posts are on the up and up. Facebook’s autoplay feature has increased awareness and engagement from 2.4 per cent to 3 per cent. Images remain the most effective, at 4.4 percent engagement rate, which is still down from its previous 5 percent.

Business to consumer Facebook marketing has a massive 32 percent higher engagement over weekends.

On the other hand, Pinterest, with 50 percent plus of their users being female, one survey states that more time is spent browsing and pinning over the weekends. But male signups are becoming more frequent, and have grown by 73 percent. Depending on where you are also counts for a lot. In the US more men use Pinterest on a monthly basis than read GQ and Sports Illustrated combined.

It is highly dependent on your audience and your business. You need to know and understand your target market. Analyse their habits, address, interests, lifestyle and age and gender. Are your potential clients in different countries with differing time zones? Research shows that the optimum number of posts on Pinterest per day is 30. Try spreading out the timing of your posts, and use the analytics section to chart the progress.

As a guide, Monday is all about fitness, and most diets start at the beginning of the week. Technology and gadgets feature highly on Tuesday. By the middle of the week motivation is needed, so inspirational quotes claim Wednesday. Fashion fits Thursday, and Friday is all about humour. Over the weekend, Saturday concentrates on holidays, with travel topping the poll. And Sunday focuses on craft ideas and food. Where does your business or interest fit?

Help is available through third party analytic tools, such as Tailwind, which will find your optimal times and days to pin. And for those with overseas clients, a Pinterest scheduling tool, helping to spread the timing of your pins will make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. Robovy is a good one.

No social media site is created equal. Instagram’s worst day to post is Monday. The best is Sunday when there is the highest amount of social interaction. And most research rates Wednesday as the best weekday.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how your business operates, and when. Different factors create different solutions. So use the information, but tweak it until it fits best.

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