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What’s the best frequency of posting on social media ?

How often do you post on social media? Do you drive everyone crazy, or do most people think you’re living in the North Pole because you haven’t posted for so long?

Connecting with our friends, clients and followers is important to all of us, and mastering the frequency of posting is so tricky, it could almost be a science. We would all like to be informative, but this is not school. Everyone likes to have a good laugh, but this is not a comedy show. Selfies are so last year and bored the majority of the population because they were so overdone. Getting it right is the fine line between normality and insanity. Let’s break it down into a few of the relevant platforms.

Research for posting for business is done by most social media managers, and this is a concentration of the most recent.


The best days for engagement are Thursdays and Friday, and it is advised that you post daily. Any time between 1pm and 3pm seems to work, and the first hour and a half generates the highest post engagement. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so try it, and then try and gauge how it works for you.

If your Facebook Friends start to drop by the wayside, you’ve overdone it.

Statistics show that posting close to 1pm prompts the most shares, with the 3pm posts getting more likes. Commuting hours drive a lot of attention, so nail down the best times for your city. Those bored commuters need to be inspired.

Do you log onto Facebook first thing in the morning, as your eyes open? Maybe try to post before your friends wake up. But for business-to-business advertising, posting should be done during business hours.


Definitely should be done daily, but if that is not manageable then Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to post. Unlike Facebook, tweets have a short lifecycle of approximately 18 minutes, so aim for good timing and frequency.

The magic number of tweets per day is between three and five, with the response per tweet peaking at five. However, if one of your followers responds to your tweets, don’t ignore them, even if you exceed your daily tweet allowance. Always respond.

Business-to-business activity is highest during the work week, whereas business-to-consumer peaks at the weekends, and, strangely, on Wednesdays. Most retweets occur at 1pm, with the highest CTR at 6pm and 12pm. One hard and fast tip is to @ mention companies, people, and influencers to get more retweets.

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This one is the most fun to post on. You just can’t overdo it; in this case, more is more. Try and pin at least five pins every day, and up to 30 times a day if you have enough new content. Spread your pinning out during the afternoon and evening, don’t dump them all at once.

As a more social form of social media, and with a picture painting a thousand words, the best time to pin is on a Saturday, and from 8pm until 11pm during the week, with peak activity at 9pm. Vary the timing of your pinning so as to expose the pins to the widest segment of users. Remember, over half of Pinterest users are female.

Industry specifies peak engagement timeslots, crafts and food on Sundays, retail and fashion on Friday at around 3pm. Fitness pins function well on Mondays, to handle that post-weekend food hangover. But you need to experiment to find the best time slot for your business.

Pinterest posts have the longest shelf life, so make your pins easy to find. 70% of the clicks occur during day one, with the right search terms. The balance could happen over the next 30 days or more.


According to research, peak posting starts at the beginning of the evening rush-hour traffic, so between 3pm and 4pm seem to be best. 2pm and 5pm also shows a spike, as does 2am. Must be the insomniacs.

There is no particularly good day for Instagram; every day is a good one. Set your sights on posting once a day, every day. But more than that may be considered spamming, and thus lose followers.

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As with Twitter, Instagram followers are for sale all over the internet. All this does, however, is bulk up your following, with potentially zero targeting benefit. Not a good idea.

For LinkedIn, before and after hours seem best, so try 7am until 8.30am and 5pm until 6pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays.

Google+ likes mornings during the work week, 9am until 11 am.

Twitter posts work best in the early afternoon, so from 1pm until 3pm on weekdays.

Tumblr differs again, so 7pm – 10pm Monday to Thursday, and 4pm on Friday.

Tweak, tweak, and tweak again. Monitor the activity closely. And just know that next year it will all change.

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