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What’s the best photo sharing social network ?

Everyone is a photographer these days. Whether it’s a phone with a built-in camera (and they all seem to have them), a digital point-and-shoot or a fancy camera with extra-long lenses, we all now have the ability to take better than average shots. It has almost reached epidemic proportions. But once you have taken the photo, which is the best way to share it? Photo sharing apps also help you to de-clutter your device, storing them in a central location.


On your phone you are very likely to have WhatsApp, keeping you in touch with friends and family 24/7. It is a piece of cake to send your pictures, but without broadcasting to an endless audience. Limiting, but great for privacy. Selfies can be sent out for people to comment on, enabling them to tell you how beautiful/handsome/cute you are. And the definition of selfie now appears in the Oxford Dictionary, so it must be credible.


Top of the pops, in terms of photo sharing apps, is Instagram. Originally launched as a unique social networking platform based on sharing videos and photo, this clever app also allows you to enhance your pics by using multiple filters and other artistic touches (kind of like airbrushing), and then send them out to other sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is ideal for sharing and marketing anything of a visual nature, so food, furniture, clothing etc. And it’s a free and fun way to advertise.

With 400 million active users, Instagram is part of the Facebook stable.


Facebook features in almost every type of social media review. It is massive, with 1.59 billion users. Along with being the ideal way to keep up with family and friends, photo sharing is easy and free. The photos you post are broadcast to all your Facebook Friends, allowing them to comment. And you don’t even have to resize your photos, Facebook uploads pics of all sizes.

Their paid advertising is really powerful for visual products, and with friends of friends of friends sharing advertising posts, the word quickly spreads far and wide.


A real fun site, you can follow people or groups in order to get information on just about anything. Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ images from all over the web, and file them in one of your unique pin boards.

Features include a wish list, plus the ability to plan an important event, for example, a wedding. The ideas, in picture form, are endless. You can pin to a friend’s board, or browse through each other’s boards, liking images and re-pinning them for future reference, therein creating a network of photo sharing users.

The recipe sites are inspiring, along with décor, health tips, arts and crafts, and much more, and the search function works really well. Clicking on a link will take you to the original web page in order to collect the information needed.

It is the easiest thing to spend hours just scrolling through, getting more and more motivated to cook, sew, decorate or whatever. The advertising aspect makes a lot of sense, but somehow it doesn’t feel as informative as Facebook.


With a huge number of image editing features, this is probably the most professional of all the online social platforms. And it is not difficult to use. Created by the original Adobe Photoshop creators, you too can edit like a pro. Nothing better than editing a betting football virgin games photo.

Fix your phone photos on the go. Flip, rotate, crop, straighten, adjust colours and remove red-eye. Adjust brightness, white balance and hue using easy slider controls, and add frames and borders. Easily post to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, and then wait for all the positive comments.


Picasa is one of Google’s answers to photo sharing. With an easy user-friendly interface that almost everyone can follow, it makes you look like an experienced photographer. Not as popular or busy as other sharing platforms, you can, however, share collages and edited photos with all your Google friends.


Aimed at the professional market, this site is virtually unknown to the man on the street. With the ability to customise all aspects of the image, online portfolios are easily created for both clients and visitor to view. It is also quantifiable, as statistics are easily viewed to chart the appeal and success of the images. You can also sell your work from the site, offering enormous appeal to photographers.

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