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Top 13 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps

Having a world at the palm of your hand must feel good, yet we often forget how many people we can reach. The world was connected first through travel, then the internet, which helped bridge that continental gap, measured in distance, but also culture. Some things are the same across the world, like sports betting. Even bettors use Додатки для спортивних ставок because applications are helpful, easy to use and readily available.

People use apps all the time, some of the most frequent ones being social networking apps, as well as social networking sites. Here are the most popular ones you should know about.


Facebook is very popular and people have been using it since its inception, it only getting larger over time. It has many millions of people online, with Facebook claiming that it has over 2 billion users.


Everybody knows about it, most don’t consider it a social network, yet with how many discussions are had in the comments every single day, it might as well be a social network with a good video and audio playback service.


Instagram is very popular for a simple purpose, it is a great tool to advertise yourself or your products or services. It is simple and to the point. It also serves as a great place to get dopamine infusions, when the likes start kicking in.


The Chinese market is large and has its own social networks, Qzone being one of them. Started by Tencent in 2005, it is a large social network that allows users to write blogs, keep diaries and send photos, basically, what most social networks do.


Another Chinese network, actually called Sina Weibo, due to it being owned by Sina Corp. It is the most popular social network in China.


Twitter is a known quantity at this time, used to deliver quick messages or videos to people worldwide. It is mainly a part of the western world, China having its own alternative, as it often is.


Reddit is the go-to place if you want to get into discussions and find answers to just about any question. 


This is primarily a great way to find interesting ideas and concepts, often in the shape of a photo, and pin them for your own personal use. You can also interact with other people.


Tumblr is primarily used for microblogging, posting photos and posts, and interacting with others.


Flickr is mainly used for art and photography, with many people posting their photographs and art, while also interacting with one another.


Often called VK, while actually meaning Vkontakte, it is a Russian social network, the most popular one, in fact, as well as the largest.


Another Russian social network, often simply called OK. It is a popular site, but not as popular as VK.


This site is dedicated to people who want to find work and who want professional contact. It is a business-oriented social network.

These are the world’s most popular social networking sites, all of which also have apps.

5 Fine Sports Social Networks

Social networks serve many purposes. Some use them to stay in touch with their friends, others to create content, and there are some that promote their brand through them. Whether you are subscribing to a YouTube channel, checking on your Canadian Nana through Facebook, or trying to get bet365 bonus code, you are already using many social media and networks, even if you are not aware of doing it.

Here is the question, though: what are some social networks that are used in the world of sports? Well, there are a few, but here are five to get you started.


Here is an app that was designed with soccer players and coaches in mind. Users can connect to their teammates and brag about their stats to the professional soccer community. You can publish updates from your training sessions and share some of your more notable successes. Much like on LinkedIn, you can get endorsed by your friends regarding some of your skills.

The reason the app deserves a spot here is that it allows professional soccer players to advance their careers, as well as give coaches the opportunity to organize training sessions and other events. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.


While Sportifico is focused on soccer, there are a few apps out there that don’t care what sports you are into – you can connect with fans around the world and discuss them. One such app is Fancred. It allows you to create a profile, scout the world in search of your fellow fans, and even enjoy some live broadcasts. The news is regularly updated regarding some of the interesting sporting events and there is an official site as well.

You can also find ideas for your content if you are planning on broadcasting your thoughts to the world. To be fair, it does have a few bugs, like using in-call audio, as opposed to media audio, making it difficult to turn down, but it is updated regularly, so it is only a matter of time before the bugs are addressed.


Not only can you connect with other athletes on Atleto, but you can also schedule training sessions with them. It is a network designed for everyday athletes, not professionals, though they are more than welcome to find dedicated like-minded individuals. It is even a great way to meet other people in your area who are interested in jogging, basketball, and a plethora of other disciplines. You can host your own events, rate each other, and grow and develop as a community of sports fans.


Caanhub welcomes all, from athletes and teams to event hosts. You can promote yourself as an athlete in several disciplines, get sponsors, find others that share your enthusiasm about practicing, and so much more. One of the options Caanhub offers is daring your friends to do a challenge and there’s even the option of managing your team with scheduled events and scorecards.

This network is up and coming, meaning that it probably doesn’t get the awareness it deserves yet. That being said, they have hosted over 300 events and served 25 brands so far, at least at the time of writing. It is a network that caters to people all over the world.

10 Ways To Take Instagram Worthy Images

We get it. Social media is a jungle. Between the perfectly manicured outlays of Pinterest and the slightly depressing string of Instagram feeds, there is no shortage of reasons to wonder why we seem like the only ones incapable of living the all too desired photogenic life of the typical social media celebrity.

For what it’s worth, social media is merely an impressively crafted lie. Well, maybe not a lie exactly – but a deliberate effort to present reality in more desirable truths. And while there is no denying that people invest a lot of money into the somewhat misleading lifestyle; it’s probably not an investment you can afford. If you’re looking for a few ways to display mundane activity like a celebrity grammer without drilling a hole in your checking account, you are in the right place. Here are 10 ways to capture your unforgettable moments like a pro –

1. Don’t Trust Instagram. Use Your Own Camera

While it might seem like an obvious option, taking photographs with the instagram app is a rookie move. It doesn’t have nearly as many functions that your phone camera does – including zooming and grid features, not to mention the more advanced editing tools that could let you play with the image’s point of focus to create a greater sense of depth.
If you are dissatisfied with your camera quality however, consider using apps such as VSCO Cam and Rookie that provide advance functions or Camera+, which offers everything including a stabilizer to combat shaky hands and keep pictures sharp.

2. Pre-Meditate Your Instagram Feed

It’s no-brainer to suggest that this might help your picture quality. Deciding what you want to share with your audience is instrumental to the effort you make and its final output.
Resist the urge to violently attack your instagram feed with a barrage of meaningless photographs. Before an image is instagram worthy, it is first captured for a specific intention. This would mean that you are on the lookout for moments and objects that can convey your currents thoughts or that are just worth sharing.
So, the question is what I’m I trying to say?


3. Set up; Light, Stage, Colors

Having decided what you want to say, the next hurdle to cross is how you want to say it. To deliver on great picture quality, here are three things you must be well informed about;
• Light: lighting is the life blood of any form of photography. No amount of filtering or app-editing can salvage a poorly lit photograph. Of the different lights available, natural light always reads better in delivering an effortless looking photograph, otherwise set your camera’s exposure to control how light or dark your photos are. But you can never go wrong photographing outdoors in the early morning, late afternoon or on overcast days.
• Stage: Remember that it is okay to move objects around to create the most eye-pleasing outlay. Backgrounds are also fun, but a more simplistic approach with blank backgrounds is usually more appealing. Less is always, absolutely more.
• Colors: A burst of strong colors and shapes will help to draw a viewer into the photograph. With the perfect amount of light, there are endless possibilities to the magical and spiritual outcome of your images.

4. Get In Position

The image of an instagram foodie standing on chairs to get that perfect angle is one that we love to hate. But you have to admit that the relentless desperation pays off somewhat. Don’t be afraid to be the weirdo dangling off the side of a bar stool to get a good shot. Putting any kind of effort creates intimacy and emotion in your work that is usually worth the hassle.

5. Bad Weather Is a Grammers Best Friend

Whether its snow, fog or rain, bad weather can translate to a good photograph as long as you know what you should be looking for. Reflections from puddles can make the most interesting pictures, and those droplets of dew on vegetation are pure magic to capture.

6. A Little Prop Never Hurt Any Instagram Feed

Experimenting with different objects can prove to be an effortless way to enrich your image. Not to mention, they add texture to a beautiful scene or element so that it is no longer just beautiful, but it’s bursting at the seams with stories.
Remember to keep the props light and whimsical. Props are great, but clutter? Not so much.


7. Take a Lot of Pictures

Don’t stop at just one or two. It is nearly impossible to get a perfect picture at a few tries, even professional photographers don’t. Settle down and take multiple snaps of your subject, and if you have a thousand great images, you will certainly find one two or three that are your favorites. Pick one and start from there.

8. Edit, Edit, Edit

Keep in mind that the unrealistically perfect life of your favorite instagram celebrity is the result of retouching so this is no harm. There are a variety of apps that can help to fix even the smallest of details including flyaway hair or blemishes. And if you do not have a professional lightning crew at your disposal brightening a few spots, removing shadows and weird colors might be your best bet to obtaining a great instagram photo.

9. Caption From The Heart

If you want to keep any audience hooked on your instagram photos, captions are the answer. A great caption can turn an otherwise mundane subject into the centre of attention. Captions are great for also bringing part of your personal feelings into each post to make it more of a meaningful experience.
Hash-tags might have an equally great influence on the popularity of your photo as well. Even if the image eventually gets lost in the sea of photographs trending for similar hash-tags – it might likely stay afloat for log enough to get noticed by someone important.
And if all else fails…

10. Take a Picture of A Picture

Sure, it is lazy and unoriginal, but sometimes there is no better way to convey your thoughts and/or message than that one exact picture, and what have you got to lose anyway?

What’s the best photo sharing social network ?

Everyone is a photographer these days. Whether it’s a phone with a built-in camera (and they all seem to have them), a digital point-and-shoot or a fancy camera with extra-long lenses, we all now have the ability to take better than average shots. It has almost reached epidemic proportions. But once you have taken the photo, which is the best way to share it? Photo sharing apps also help you to de-clutter your device, storing them in a central location.


On your phone you are very likely to have WhatsApp, keeping you in touch with friends and family 24/7. It is a piece of cake to send your pictures, but without broadcasting to an endless audience. Limiting, but great for privacy. Selfies can be sent out for people to comment on, enabling them to tell you how beautiful/handsome/cute you are. And the definition of selfie now appears in the Oxford Dictionary, so it must be credible.


Top of the pops, in terms of photo sharing apps, is Instagram. Originally launched as a unique social networking platform based on sharing videos and photo, this clever app also allows you to enhance your pics by using multiple filters and other artistic touches (kind of like airbrushing), and then send them out to other sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is ideal for sharing and marketing anything of a visual nature, so food, furniture, clothing etc. And it’s a free and fun way to advertise.

With 400 million active users, Instagram is part of the Facebook stable.


Facebook features in almost every type of social media review. It is massive, with 1.59 billion users. Along with being the ideal way to keep up with family and friends, photo sharing is easy and free. The photos you post are broadcast to all your Facebook Friends, allowing them to comment. And you don’t even have to resize your photos, Facebook uploads pics of all sizes.

Their paid advertising is really powerful for visual products, and with friends of friends of friends sharing advertising posts, the word quickly spreads far and wide.


A real fun site, you can follow people or groups in order to get information on just about anything. Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ images from all over the web, and file them in one of your unique pin boards.

Features include a wish list, plus the ability to plan an important event, for example, a wedding. The ideas, in picture form, are endless. You can pin to a friend’s board, or browse through each other’s boards, liking images and re-pinning them for future reference, therein creating a network of photo sharing users.

The recipe sites are inspiring, along with décor, health tips, arts and crafts, and much more, and the search function works really well. Clicking on a link will take you to the original web page in order to collect the information needed.

It is the easiest thing to spend hours just scrolling through, getting more and more motivated to cook, sew, decorate or whatever. The advertising aspect makes a lot of sense, but somehow it doesn’t feel as informative as Facebook.


With a huge number of image editing features, this is probably the most professional of all the online social platforms. And it is not difficult to use. Created by the original Adobe Photoshop creators, you too can edit like a pro. Nothing better than editing a betting football virgin games photo.

Fix your phone photos on the go. Flip, rotate, crop, straighten, adjust colours and remove red-eye. Adjust brightness, white balance and hue using easy slider controls, and add frames and borders. Easily post to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, and then wait for all the positive comments.


Picasa is one of Google’s answers to photo sharing. With an easy user-friendly interface that almost everyone can follow, it makes you look like an experienced photographer. Not as popular or busy as other sharing platforms, you can, however, share collages and edited photos with all your Google friends.


Aimed at the professional market, this site is virtually unknown to the man on the street. With the ability to customise all aspects of the image, online portfolios are easily created for both clients and visitor to view. It is also quantifiable, as statistics are easily viewed to chart the appeal and success of the images. You can also sell your work from the site, offering enormous appeal to photographers.

How to find love on social networks

Many, many couples have met each other, fallen in love and are happy-ever-after on various forms of social media. But is this always the case? Unfortunately not.

Social media is not a dating site; there are plenty of those around, with all the software available to match random people by ways of their interests and desires.

However, with so many lost and lonely individuals all over social media, pitfalls do occur, often to the detriment of the platform.

Problem number one is that not everyone tells the truth about their character, or posts their own photos. Most people do, but the unscrupulous are very active. We all have strange people trying to contact us on Skype, Facebook and by email. Scams are not a new thing.

Paradoxically, there are plenty of honest folk out there. If you are single and alone, meeting new friends is easy enough. Most of your current contacts inadvertently open up their own colleagues and acquaintances to you every day, simply by sharing posts. Finding a common thread in their comments can be a foundation to build a genuine friendship through. At a guess, it can be assumed that we’ve all done it.

Ask the right questions before you decide that this is the love of your life. Chat online via Skype or WhatsApp video, and you will soon find out if their photo matches their appearance, or whether conversation comes easily.

Physically meeting with them may be a problem. The world is but a village when it comes to social media, but it’s not that simple in real life. Your potential life partner may be the other side of the globe from you, so delve into his/her personality by asking pertinent questions about religion, culture and other essential qualities. Don’t be conned by an ax murderer or scammer. Be smart and keep digging until you decide it is time to meet this person. Does your new soul mate bring out your best qualities? Do you have interests in common? Are your politics diametrically opposite? The questions are endless, but wrong answers or lies could end up as an expensive way to end the friendship.

No-one chooses to fall in love, it just happens and it’s hard then to be objective. Look out for red danger flags from the beginning of the relationship.

If they are not prepared to chat via a video link, that’s a potential problem. A relationship cannot be conducted successfully by text messages, or Facebook Messenger.

If you are asked for money, then consider the relationship over. There is a very high risk that this is a scam.

Follow your instincts. It may be difficult to ask a friend for help, many people have serious doubts about online love affairs and would be more than happy to change your mind, so be as open-minded as possible, and don’t be taken advantage of.

Find out if you have any friends or acquaintances in common. Something must have led to you befriending this person on social media. If you smell a rat, then ask for honest appraisals of this person. Or just do it anyway, as a matter of course.

Social media seems to be an ideal way to meet and even fall in love over the Internet. Statistics say that over 120 000 marriages per year are through relationships started on these platforms. So it is definitely possible.

However, a proper dating site will ask you all the right questions before matching you with a seemingly similar partner. Social media doesn’t do this, so it’s all up to you. Become an online stalker and check out the background of this stranger. Take extra measures in order to safeguard yourself and your emotions, and use your common sense. If something smells fishy it usually is. And breakups can become nasty over the networks.

And you must be honest as well. Don’t lead anyone on if you are truly not interested. If it looks like someone would like to take the relationship further, don’t encourage them if you are going to hurt them. Remember, these are real people.

Facebook now has a feature called Graph Search can be used to find other single people, by searching within your parameters. For instance, it could be ‘single friends of my friends living in the same, or a different area’.

Tinder is another social site used mainly to meet people. It is simple inasmuch as you only have to swipe left or right to answer questions. They claim that swiping is both emotional and rational. But in all fairness, it’s generally about the appeal of the photos that are posted, and that is 100% emotion.

So yes, it is totally possible to fall in love over social media, if you are careful and are able to judge without being swept along with rampant emotions. And that’s the hard part.