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How to Advertise Gambling Businesses on Social Media

Online gambling is still facing a lot of scrutiny from the international communities and netizens are often oblivious regarding what they can do online and the businesses they can reach out to. That is the reason why you are likely to find adverts for codes and businesses like the William Hill Promo Code in the most unlikely of places.

Now, suppose you have a gambling business that operates online. It is a well-known fact that social media can make or break ad campaigns. Reaching out to big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter is a must, but what do you have to do in order to pass screening?


More important than simply advertising your business is doing so with quality content. Instead of posting odds, promos, and other things that separate you from your competitors, it might be a good idea to simply make content regarding sports, gaming, lifestyle, or something else and place your brand on the videos and posts. These are not there to make you money but to show your public you exist. After you make a professional account, make sure you post regularly with your opinions on current events or the events that interest your target audience.

What NOT to Post

Whatever you do, do not post pictures or text with currency symbols in an effort to promote your business. This action may get your account banned on major platforms and you may even become blacklisted.

Do not encourage people to gamble, nor present gambling as a lucrative earning opportunity. The only way for online gambling to continue existing is to promote itself for what it is – a fun hobby and nothing more.

Make sure to occasionally remind your potential patrons that, should they choose to gamble, they need to do so responsibly. That means no combining of this hobby with other forms of risky behavior and absolutely no minors.

The reason behind this is to show that you are a real business and responsible when it comes to keeping the public safe by recognizing that gambling can become a problem if not handled correctly.

Reach Out

The best way to learn what you can or cannot do is to reach out to social media platforms themselves with questions, in addition to checking out their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other relevant documents.

The team in charge of responding to queries is likely already trained in giving you all the information you need regarding most types of business. You can check with them whether your banner is up to code and can pass as a legitimate ad. This may come with a few strings attached, like not being able to advertise in certain areas or at a certain time.

Find Alternatives

If mainstream advertising is not possible, you need to read the documents that come with using the site in question carefully in order to find any and all alternatives. For example, check whether you can still post promotions on your account or if any form of affiliate marketing is possible.

Like we’ve said before, online gambling and its marketing are still monitored closely and the regulation behind them is still vague in certain areas. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

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