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How to Master the Instagram Algorithm?

We like to know things, to put them to use and elevate ourselves to new levels. It is always an ongoing process, as there is never an end-goal, the highlight of an industry, sport or whatever. We start by learning the basics and as we grow, we learn more advanced things along the way.

The disciplines may vary, but the process is the same. People who enjoy having fun online can often be seen using the Michigan Lottery promo code. Most well-practiced people know how to use every tool in the shed.

Social media is a new form of expression and advertisement, whether personal or of a business. Instagram is a great platform to advertise through images and posts. However, mastering Instagram is difficult. Following are tips on how to make the best out of Instagram.

Choose Your Audience

Advertisement has a lot to do with the target audience. Making general advertisements might work if the product is really suited to an entirety of the human race, but even then, not everybody understands the same languages, unless you want to only use an image, without text, which rarely works unless you are a very famous and already successful brand.

The target audience can be divided into many categories, depending on age, interest, gender, profession, region, and many other factors. The audience will determine the types of images and style you would use. Using art to attract people searching for sports will probably not work, and vice versa. 

Be Consistent

Schedules are important. People depend on them to have a little bit of control in an otherwise rather chaotic life. Daily posts should work best. The posts, like always, should never be just about the product, service or brand that you want to advertise. They should be helpful, interesting, but related to your brand/product/service. 

This way, people will see consistent posts from your brand’s account and start making connections. Connections are important, such as images, jingles. Repetition reinforces those connections, so be consistent with your posts.

Traffic Matters – Encourage Activity

Posts matter, but traffic matters even more. What is an account with thousands of posts if the posts are barely liked, let alone commented on? Not very successful. This is why, after setting up an audience and schedule, the focus should be on encouraging the audience to engage in conversation. Comments, likes and discussions elevate the posts and the account. 

The more traffic, the better. The more traffic, the more likely someone is going to contact you for deals and purchases, or click sponsored links and earn you money.


Networking is important in any industry, online or otherwise. Work with other creators to promote each other’s content and thus elevate both. Creators with a larger following often do this and help elevate upcomers. Work with other creators. The more people you know and interact with on a positive note, the better.

Instagram is a complex social media to master, but with these tips, you should be able to do more and make better use of it. There are always details to iron out, though those come later, after the basics.

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